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A place of your own in the heart of Saint John’s business and entertainment district.

The Union Club was formed so the business professionals of Saint John could have a place to gather and meet with their peers to discuss and share new ideas. This remains the Club's main focus as many of the city's top business people from varying disciplines gather to socialize and discuss their ideas. These individuals represent valuable contacts both professionally and socially.

The Union Club was formed in 1884 and has been operating at its current location since 1890. The Germain Street Victorian showplace was designated a historic building in the Trinity Royal Preservation area of Uptown Saint John for its beautiful architecture. The Union Club has been and continues to be an integral part of the business and social community of Saint John. The Club is run by its Members, for its Members, to ensure that they get the most out of their club. It is often our Members who are the ones shaping and directing the future of Saint John.

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The Union Club is the ideal location for social gatherings with family and friends as well as business associates. Many of our Members host private events as well as more formal business meetings.

We also offer a variety of special events throughout the year for our members' enjoyment. The Club seeks to offer unique and interesting events to promote an engaging and relaxed social atmosphere.

The Union Club is perfect for your next corporate meeting, social gathering, wedding and other celebrations with fine dining options available for your guests.


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Become a part of our 140-year-old tradition. At the Union Club you will develop lifelong friendships, pursue new endeavors, and enrich business relationships.

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